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  • Vision
  • Culture is not a corporate crown ornaments, and certainly not after the arty business success. The development of enterprise culture is the soul, not the advanced culture of enterprise is no vitality, no special culture of the business is mediocre. We must build for the modernization, the world, future-oriented, advanced, distinctive Yike through corporate culture.

    Culture is a complex system engineering, but also enrich the process of accumulation and precipitation. Enterprise culture in the construction process, must give "Gang" after for "eye", focused and progressive. Shenzhen Yike It is with this through the guiding ideology, first established the "Yike through cultural programs," the idea that corporate culture system. The system includes five parts: First, the pursuit of Yike learned person; Second, Yike learned person of the business purpose; third Yike learned person's overall business philosophy; Fourth, Yike learned person in the circle work ethic; Fifth, Yike learned person of business management.

    Corporate culture is the core values, its realization depends on employee behavior and work environment. Most important function of corporate culture is a consensus, and promote employees feeling of belonging, identity, pride of the formation, promotion of corporate goals. Hope Yike through corporate culture, so Yike through a new image, new style, in the new century, the steady development and growth.

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