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  • fingerprint chip demand will continue to grow in 2017
    Date :2017-2-20


    Data show that 2016 fingerprint sensor sensor shipments reached 689 million, compared to 23 million in 2013, CAGR reached 210%. Research firm Yole predicts that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the fingerprint recognition market will reach 19% over the next five years, and the market size is expected to increase from $ 2.8 billion in 2016 to $ 4.7 billion in 2022.
    With the smart phone, including fingerprint identification chip, LCD driver IC and power management IC and other needs, coupled with the global blank wafer in short supply pressure increase, making prices continue, the global chip manufacturers continue to increase the order of 8-inch wafer, So that cross-strait 8-inch fab capacity utilization instantly loaded, and even customer delivery has been extended to more than 3 months. Semiconductor industry sources pointed out that even if the fab business representatives to help, the fastest delivery orders have to wait 2 months, compared with the past increased by about 50% time, highlighting the 8-inch fab capacity supply tight.
    Specific to the domestic smart phone fingerprint chip market, the industry is expected to 2017 fingerprint chip demand is expected to double from 200 million to 400 million. Including FPC, Si Li Micro, Aegis, the top of the fingerprint chip manufacturers such as sustained heavy volume, will lead to wafer factory orders increased. It is reported that, GlobalFoundries and UMC and ship factory were won the Siwei micro-and the top of the fingerprint chip orders. GlobalFoundries at the end of 2016 and Si Li micro-cooperation and began shipping. And Aegis orders to the world's advanced, let it successfully into the field of fingerprint chip.
    Industry forecast, in 2017 only fingerprint chip will continue plug 8-inch factory production capacity. As the global fingerprint identification chip market in 2017, Android brand mobile phone brand manufacturers equipped with fingerprint identification products, will increase by more than 50% level, fingerprint identification chip orders in the first quarter has been stationed in TSMC, the world's advanced, Core, UMC and other cross-chip foundry 8-inch fab, a huge order squeeze effect, so that other IC design companies dare not neglect, rush to 8-inch factory single queuing and other production capacity.
    In addition, the blank wafer prices continue to rise, and may even continue to rise for some time, so many chip manufacturers began to worry about the future of the two sides of the foundry may be transferred to the new cost of customers, but also urging customers to advance 8-inch fab Capacity. Although TSMC continue to urge customers to 12-inch factory cast film, but because of fingerprint identification chip solution itself, the grain area of ​​micro-benefits is not small, coupled with the need to re-send customer certification waste, making fingerprint identification chip supplier still Stay in the 8-inch fab chip.
    From the pattern, TSMC, SMIC is the main chip foundry partners Fingerprint. TSMC master the main customers are FPC, the top of the top, Aegis and other customer orders, SMIC has FPC and Sili micro orders, only FPC orders so that SMIC 8-inch factory production capacity is full. Originally in TSMC to cast the Aegis, pass the world's new advanced fingerprint chip foundry partners, 2017 Aegis fingerprint chip shipments will be heavy volume, including TSMC, the world's advanced are expected to benefit.
    With the first quarter of smart phones, including fingerprint identification chip, LCD driver IC and power management IC orders in advance of the influx, plus the second quarter of the consumer IC season orders will soon be reported, and Apple in the second half of the new chip related to stock 8-inch wafer production capacity continued to rise. The industry is expected in 2017 cross-chip foundry 8-inch fab capacity full load situation continues to the end of the year, making 8-inch fab production capacity of the delivery time is extended, from the fourth quarter of 2016 delivery of about 6 ~ 8 weeks, the recent rapid elongation to 12 weeks or more, an increase of about 50% of the time.
    In the face of the first half of 2017 8-inch wafer fab demand continued strong, the recent IC design manufacturers have also followed up, directly to the third quarter, or even the fourth quarter order needs, hope that the two sides of the wafer foundries to meet production needs, so as not to 2017 years in the second half of the traditional peak season, once again facing the delivery of goods to the customer's dilemma.



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