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  • The PCB price rises were implicated in other industries
    Date :2017-2-23


    As the new production capacity of electrolytic copper foil production cycle takes 2-3 years, so in the next 1-2 years, CCL and PCB with copper shortages will be a normal.
    Copper foil supply shortage also led to other raw materials rose rapidly, the industry came the news that CCL another main material fiberglass thick cloth may have to rise to 7 yuan / m, aluminum plate, light guide plate cumulative increase of about 20%, FR- 4 cumulative increase of more than 40%, plastic sheet, plastic pieces rose more than 10%, and even loaded with the carton also cash transactions.
    Not only raw materials in short supply, according to market sources, from the first quarter of 2017, PCB industry from the upstream equipment factory, raw material factory to the downstream manufacturers are showing off-season performance is not short.
    First, the automotive electronics with the proportion of the car board increased from 0.5 square meters of copper foil substrate rose to 2 square meters; Second, the second half of the Apple iPhone8 will be used to select the line width, line spacing smaller "class board" SubstrateLike-PCB, referred to as SLP) technology, which will replace the previous HDIPCB technology.
    With the LED lighting penetration into the final accelerated rise, coupled with the LED small-footprint display demand continued to release, strong market demand, PCB industry, the market will gradually pick up for a long time.
    In addition, the communications industry's new demand for PCB is beginning to brew. According to the world's major operators of the public schedule, 5G of commercial time may be further accelerated.
    It is understood that in 2018 the Korean Winter Games, South Korean operators will provide 5G service in advance. Verizon in the United States has also been the first to determine the 5G band, the Tokyo 2008 Tokyo Olympic Games will also provide 5G business, so 5G commercial speed may be ahead of time.
    As the number and complexity of 5GMiMO antenna is much higher than 4G active antenna system, so for the improvement of antenna integration, reduce the difficulty of assembly made a higher demand. In addition, due to the need for a smaller size in the integration of a certain power, 5G relative to the thermal conductivity of the material for 4G also put forward higher requirements.
    5G commercial speed is accelerating, relative to 4G, 5G due to the use of higher frequency, the RF microwave PCB material low loss, high integration, high consistency, easy processing put forward new technical requirements.
    Compared to communications, lithium batteries and automotive industry, LED industry, the technical requirements of the PCB is relatively low, while the small and medium-sized PCB enterprises shuffle led to the overall capacity compression, manufacturers generally bet on the future production capacity in the communications, lithium batteries and automotive , Thus the LED industry also caused no small impact.



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