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  • Taiwan PCB prices have risen
    Date :2017-3-23


    By the impact of the lack of material, lack of work, PCB, DRAM, panel three key components of the electronics industry off-season offer synchronous emergence prices surge, the PCB factory to face the pressure of rising costs, external hard call up the highest in more than 30% companies. Market is expected, in the smooth transfer of the cost, China, Xin Xing, Ding Ding and other large PCB operations will be relatively strong.

    Market research data show that due to continued shortage, estimated this year's DRAM quarter price rose more than 20%, the second quarter contract price is expected to continue to rise more than 10%; as for the panel, nearly a month in the most obvious 65 inch TV panels rose, tied for three price components of PCB; now also sounded price surge.

    PCB "electronic products," the mother said, in the face of many key materials of copper foil and copper foil substrate price continued to rise, industry rumors, and rare manufacturers this year to raise its offer in the off-season, rose more than 30% from outside.

    Although the manufacturer was named did not disclose or offer, but the interpretation of the industry, in the face of the upstream copper prices last year has risen by about 60%, plus the CCL, glass fiber factory have raised the price 5% to 10% range, PCB and plant operation had to bear the brunt of high price in the off-season.

    The industry pointed out that the PCB board last year had no immediate reaction in Dachang all kinds of material costs, until the first quarter of this year to increase the price, mainly reflects the material cost and improve production line labor shortage etc..

    Market observation, upstream from the PCB copper foil and copper foil substrate supply analysis, due to grab material without significant improvement of small and medium-sized board PCB factory in the first half of this year there will be greater cost pressures, relatively large PCB factory is a bargaining advantage.


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