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  • Smart mobilephone drives PCB to accelerate growth
    Date :2017-4-10


    Smartphones have been the main driver of the PCB industry. The mobile Internet era, more and more users from PC to mobile terminal equipment, the PC computing platform of mobile terminal position was quickly replaced, since the beginning of 2008, the smart mobile phone with apple leading the wave rise, the rapid development of global consumer electronics components business, especially the 2012 years ~2014, intelligent mobile phone penetration into the fast period, opening a hundreds of billions of dollars in the market. Therefore, the rapid growth of the last round of PCB is a smart phone as the representative of the mobile terminal downstream driven.


    According to Prismask data, from 2010 to 2014, PCB downstream smartphone market reached an average annual compound growth rate of 24%, far more than other downstream industries, providing a major growth momentum in the PCB industry.


    In the high-end PCB, in the case of HDI, mobile phone is a traditional market for HDI, based on the data of 2015 as an example, the intelligent mobile phone accounted for more than half of the proportion, from the point of view of the intelligent mobile phone, the new production models almost all of the products are used as the main HDI.

    Whether it is from the point of view of the entire category of PCB or high-end HDI perspective, the rapid growth of smart phones are brought about by the prosperity of the downstream needs, thus supporting the growth of global PCB advantage of the company's performance.


    But it is undeniable that after the rapid infiltration of the outbreak, intelligent mobile phone gradually entered the era of the stock, the domestic smart mobile phone market began to growth had slowed in since 2014; the global market, according to the latest forecast IDC2016 released in November 2016, the global intelligent mobile phone shipments are expected to 1 billion 450 million, the growth rate of large scale diving, only 0.6%. Growth data, although half of the PCB industry is still supported by the mobile phone applications, but most of the PCB category, including HDI, including the growth in the field of mobile terminals has slowed down.



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