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  • PCB industry must be high speed growth this year
    Date :2010-9-13


    According to statistics, in the whole industrial chain of electronic components, PCB circuit board occupies about 25% of the market. Circuit board industries such as upstream of a glass cloth laminate substrate industry, the downstream end electronic equipment industry, in all electronic equipment can be used to the PCB industry, including consumer electronics products, communications equipment products, and computer and related equipment demand for these three categories account for approximately 80% of the market share. The first half of the global personal computer shipments per month to maintain 20% year on year growth rate, which graphics card and motherboard PCB PCB demand. Smart phones, the market demand has far exceeded expectations, which led the flex and HDI board demand. According to customs statistics, China's electronics exports in the first half of this year has been steady growth each month, in May reached a peak 50% higher than same period last year, booming exports of electronic equipment, pull the circuit board needs. Meanwhile, the export of data circuit board manufacturers can see the growth in volume this year is also very impressive.  

       The first half of this year, price changes, price hikes appear most frequently throughout the industry vocabulary. PCB circuit board prices in February, March has been raised during the 10-15%, while the recent PCB component manufacturers components will again offer this basis increased by 20%. In the CCL, because the upstream copper fell into after prices fell in July, down about 3% -5%, although not sure there will be any price cuts in coming months the situation, but as in the first half as Prices rose 20%, it is estimated will not appear. Copper, since the international price of copper rose and then fell this year, the overall price volatility is low, they expect gross margins in the second half board will be increased, or about one percentage point to 10 percent.


       After years of development, mainland enterprises have already have the size of the circuit board edge. This year, our scale circuit board business sales rose 29.35 percent, Taiwan and set up factories in Wuxi enterprises Tripod Technology is to reach 5 billion yuan sales. Circuit board industry, the situation appears high concentration, which will benefit the entire circuit board circuit board industry, especially in China enterprises to seize the international market share, maximize the size advantage, but the size advantage of the circuit board to improve the profitability of enterprises is one important means . Meanwhile, the 2009 recovery in the second half of components industry, the overall base, despite the expected increase in sales this year will be the circuit board down, but the circuit board industry boom of the third quarter continued to be a big problem.


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