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  • Optimistic about Taiwan's HDI PCB industry
    Date :2010-9-13


    Taiwan companies invited to the four circuit boards Tripod, HannStar Bo, Yan Xing, King Master PCB, IC substrate plant agreed that the most recent PC-industry, numerous reports of shipping noise, PC machine industry ship cast a shadow over the market conditions, but in the smart phone orders, remain optimistic. 


       Statistics on all aspects of the data collected can be seen in August industry sales performance, Tripod most successful over the years has been adapted for five consecutive months a new monthly high, Kinsus the least mistakes, than in July of the calendar year monthly high of 3.59% down, Xin Xing's performance in July is also low compared to a 0.73%, while HannStar Bo as much as 6.37% higher than in July. Overall, the general trend is still in good condition. Meanwhile, the Tripod and HannStar Bo pointed out that for September to about the situation before the end of the year is not yet clear, consolidated revenue is only revealed in September and August can be basically flat.


       In the LCD panel, the general order does not in the first half as tight. In Dram module, the orders not to from the first half of last year as a result. So far, the best performance of HDI board or smart phone orders, excluding cottage in the mainland market to snatch harvest results, the recent major brand mobile phone manufacturers have made outstanding achievements, the current shipping situation is excellent.


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