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  • The new crisis in China PCB industry
    Date :2010-4-29


    When the good news of international financial markets stabilized,a number of PCB manufacturers are forced to welcome the "Order" a new crisis. On the one hand, those who rely on OEM developed small and medium sized PCB manufacturers, can not be digested by the financial crisis and rising cost pressures; the other hand, a serious shortage of workers caused many enterprises are faced with one they can not work in the embarrassing situation, Meanwhile, as the factory workers, the higher wage costs, companies operating input pressure increased. How to effectively address these new crises, as PCB manufacturers for thought.


    It is reported that in 2010 only PCB industry shortage of workers, coastal areas up to 20 million. Serious shortage of workers because many businesses start from the beginning of an active "get people" movement. However, the cost of increasing wages, it is difficult to retain them. Especially the second half of 2009, the domestic economy improved significantly in many of the workers in local factories can get about the same pay, they said they do not want to leave their homes of migrant workers.


    In addition to missing persons, OEM production for those who developed the PCB manufacturers doors, in addition to digesting the impact of financial crisis, the also face higher prices of production factors and resources, energy shortages and the impact of high consumption, resulting in China's processing costs rise, the price advantage is being eroded. Some multinationals have already started to order the transfer to low-cost Southeast Asian, South Asian countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Thailand. No significant decline in market demand situation, cancellation of orders in China, will inevitably be supplemented in other places.


    According to the survey data show that Japanese IT companies have transferred their orders to Thailand PCB, PCB manufacturers in Thailand are also increasingly competitive. Data, Southeast Asia, PCB production value has reached 3 billion to 35 billion U.S. dollars, of which Thailand accounted for 30% of the total number to 40%.


    Some well-known manufacturers such as Gree, Supor, the United States, and Glanz, Canon, have a relatively low cost has built up its own production base. According to the company secretaries to directorate Ye Jide Supor introduced Supor base can be exported to Southeast Asia market in Vietnam, Southeast Asian market for kitchen production, and radiation from Vietnam to the South-East Asia, Southeast Asia, the order will direct the production and sale in Vietnam.


    All signs indicate that the "Order" is becoming the PCB Enterprises in China came after the financial crisis had to face a new major crisis. Southeast Asian countries in China's cost advantage is threatening the "world factory" status. The key is, at present the majority of China's PCB industry is still in midstream and downstream industry chain in the world, exports mostly low-tech, low priced, low value-added "three lows" products.


    Therefore, in the new situation, PCB manufacturers should actively restructuring the door, and gradually reduce the size of OEM production to reduce dependence OEM will be the main energy into brand building, independent design, create your own brand, thus changing the "2 out, controlled by others" unfavorable situation, avoid the "Order" the fatal blow.


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