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  • Korea PCB Industry Market Overview
    Date :2017-4-26


    South Korean PCB market in the past by the rapid growth of the mobile phone industry, especially mobile phone equipped with soft board (FPCB) is playing an important role in driving growth. After entering in 2014, slowing growth of mobile phone market, coupled with the continued downturn in the yen has high added value, the circuit board intensified price competition Chinese rapid technological progress, South Korea PCB also showed a growth recession, as of 2015 are showing negative growth.


    In recent years, South Korea PCB industry market specific? Here are two charts that will give you a better understanding of the Korean PCB market.




    According to reports, the South Korean domestic market is also the same as the world market, the impact of the international economic crisis, the reduction of special orders for smart phones. In terms of market conditions, the second half of 2016 was better than that of the first half, but negative growth occurred due to the disruption of new product production. Surviving companies increase their operating rates by ensuring greater inventory of goods and services. However, the South Korean industry in 2017 the industry is optimistic that the production performance of the Korean circuit board in 2017 will go to positive growth.


    Source: PCB info


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