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  • Internal memory supply problems remain unresolved
    Date :2017-4-22


    According to foreign media reports, the price of the product has been in the store up trend in nearly a year's time. Many consumers are still looking forward to the decline in the price of stored products, but from a recent research report, the next period of time the price of memory products will still rise. Gardiner, a research firm, released a recent research report that said the price of the memory chips would only take place in 2019.


    Gardiner believes that at the end of the chip will be a certain amount of loose, but the situation does not appear to improve the situation. At present, the market demand is huge, and the major manufacturers of production capacity obviously cannot keep pace with demand, so at least for two years until 2019, so the price of memory chips will appear likely to drop.


    At the same time, Toshiba Co's memory chip business is also active in the sale. Currently the most positive can be said to be Foxconn. Foxconn in addition to a high bid price, but also out of the ultimate killer, is to pull together the Japanese Softbank bid for Toshiba chip business. The aim is to dispel the Japanese government's concerns about the safety of the storage chip technology.


    It is understood that the current Broadcom Corporation, Taiwan, China, as well as Foxconn SK Hynix Toshiba has made a preliminary offer. Foxconn has hinted that it plans to spend up to 3 trillion yen (about $27 billion) bid for Toshiba chip division. Broadcom Toshiba chip business sector given the offer of about 2 trillion yen (about $18 billion).


    Source: Zhongguancun Online



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