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  • Founder: The placement of shares to raise funds all invest in PCB area
    Date :2010-7-2


    Founder The placement of shares and fund-raising to be used for replenishment of high-density electronics company in Zhuhai Founder HDI for the new expansion project, the amount does not exceed 562 million yuan; replenishment of high-density Zhuhai Founder Electronics for New Allegro project, amount not to exceed 152 million yuan; capital increase Chongqing Founder build high-density electronics companies continue to back the project for an amount not to exceed 369 million yuan; replenishment of Founder Technology Group Suzhou manufacturing company 200 million yuan, added to the PC for the funding of operational activities.

    Current Founder Technology's PCB (printed circuit board) business has entered the capital in the domestic PCB industry, second, it is estimated the project to establish this placement of shares completed ,2009-2011, Founder PCB compound annual increase rate of the business is expected to reach 29%, 2011 PCB year is expected to enter the global top 30, placing targets help secure the implementation of the company's competitive advantage.


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