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    Date :2010-7-2


    Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) as a circuit board manufacturer in the substrate material, the main effect of circuit board interconnect conduction, insulation and support the effect of the circuit in the signal transmission speed, energy loss, characteristic impedance has a great influence, therefore the functions of the circuit board, quality, manufacturing in the processing, manufacturing level, the system and the long form of the solid nature of a great level of stability depends on CCL information.

    The rapid launch of electronic information industry, to enable electronic products to the small size, function, high functionality, high-solid nature of bias carried out. 70 years from the mid 20th century, the general appearance of device technology (SMT), to 90 years of high-density interconnect external device technology (HDI), as well as presented in recent years, semiconductor packaging, IC packaging technology, packaging technology, various new use, electronic device technology from time to time to carry out high-density of bias. Also carried out high density interconnect technology, to promote high-density PCB also tend to carry out. Device technology and PCB technology to carry out, so as the PCB substrate materials --- CCL technology has increased from time to time.

    CCL technology and production carried out with the electronic information industry, special PCB industry with the launch is simultaneous, non-cutting. This is an innovation from time to time, from time to time to pursue the process of improvement and development of CCL, always been a product of electronic machinery, semiconductor manufacturing technology, electronics technology, PCB manufacturing technology driven to carry out the transformation.

    CCL technology and production process carried out over half a century passed, the current world annual production of CCL has more than 3 million square meters, laminate has become the foundation of electronic information products of the information constitutes a major local. CCL manufacturing industry is a rising sun industry, which along with the electronic information and communication industry to carry out, with broad prospects for its manufacturing technology is a multidisciplinary interspersed with each other, each saturated with each other to promote high-tech. Electronic information technology to carry out the process to identify, CCL technology is rapidly advancing the electronics industry to carry out one of the key technologies.

    The world's electronic information industry in the future 10 years, average annual increase rate of 7.4%, by 2010 the world market of electronic information industry will reach 3.4 trillion U.S. dollars, and one electronic machine for the 1.2 trillion U.S. dollars, while the communications equipment and accounting machines representing a in more than 70%, reaching 0.86 trillion U.S. dollars. Thus, as the foundation of electronic information ambitious CCL will continue to market not only exists, but is to enhance the rate of 15% to carry out from time to time. Copper Clad Laminate Industry Association released information indicating, the subsequent five years, in order to comply with high-density BGA technology, semiconductor packaging technology to carry out trend, high performance thin FR-4, high-function resin substrate such as an increasing proportion.


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