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  • The maintenance of PCB electroplating production line
    Date :2017-3-15

    In the process of PCB production, the plating coating directly affects the etching process, and the quality of the coating is very important to the quality of the whole circuit board. Electroplating equipment has a large proportion in the PCB production enterprises, in order to ensure the normal operation of electroplating equipment, to ensure stability during operation and electroplating equipment life and maintenance equipment and the maintenance of the right is very important, this article mainly introduces the plating equipment commonly used in the production of PCB maintenance and maintenance.


    Equipment type


    In the PCB production process, the main use of electroplating equipment has two kinds, one is the horizontal plating line, one is vertical plating line. The two different structure of electroplating equipment, mainly the way the circuit board is different, the use of the transmission plate equipment structure is not the same, so the maintenance is also slightly different.


    Daily maintenance and maintenance method


    1.The main difference between the maintenance and maintenance of vertical plating line and horizontal plating line is that the circuit board is transported in different ways. To the washing tank for a cleaning of pickling tank, a cleaning and replacement of the tank; the tank body spray device to conduct an inspection and check if there is congestion, the congestion situation should be timely to dredge; copper bath, tin groove on the conductive support and anode and the contact position on a clean, clean dishcloth and available sandpaper grinding; groove, groove of copper tin tin, titanium basket basket for a check, replace the rotten titanium basket bags, tin basket, and add copper ball, tin, in 7d finished adding copper ball, tin after be electrolysis copper plating bath, plating bath. 7d also use high and low current mode of trial production, so that the new addition of copper balls, tin after the end of the production performance of stable production. Every 90 copper ball and anode bag for a clean. The use of activated carbon on the tank liquid for a filter cleaning, filter out the impurities in the tank, the tin tank cleaning.


    2.In order to ensure the uniformity of the surface copper and the effect of the hole copper, the vibration mechanism of the vertical plating line vibration mechanism can be vibrated and rocking. Check the reducer, to see whether the normal operation, check the tightness; to check the fastening bolt installation of motor vibration; check the wear of rubber vibration, the wear is more serious, the need for timely replacement. Power line to the junction box to check on the contact situation, to timely tighten loose joints, power line insulation layer of wire melting or aging, to timely replacement power line, ensure the insulation between the power line; to all bearing vibrating mechanism in a check on a grease for bearing severe wear should be replaced timely.


    3.Maintenance of vertical plating line vertical plating line is the use of traffic, traffic transport rack of circuit board. To conduct a cleaning of the crane and a hanger (weekly traffic and without removing the rack), make its appearance neat, clean cloth can be used when wiping, and use sandpaper. A check on the rack, the rack view breakage; conduct an inspection and maintenance of the motor and the speed reducer driving, view the entire drive device, to ensure their normal operation. For a thorough cleaning and maintenance of vehicles and hangers, should be removed from the rack on the clean vehicle.


    4.Transmission level electroplating line device maintenance and maintenance level of electroplating line conveying device is used by the rotation of the roller wheel, will be sent to each tank circuit board continuity, therefore, transmission level electroplating line maintenance for some different and vertical plating line. The horizontal plating line of the roller to clean, clean the roller on the adhesion of foreign body, in order to ensure that when the conveyor plate clean; to check the interlock, check whether loose. Each pair of rollers for a check, check whether the wheel wear, timely replacement of wear of roller, to ensure that the card phenomenon does not occur in the transportation board; to carry out an inspection of the transmission gear, the transmission shaft and the transmission system, for the problems timely repair.


    5.The maintenance and maintenance of the circulating filtration system carries out a check on the filter cartridge of the circulating filtration system to check the leakage of the filter. Clean or replace the filter core every 10~15 days. In order to ensure the quality of the filter and the flow rate of the filter, the filter core should be replaced and cleaned. Check the contact condition of the power line connector of a pump motor, and find that the looseness should be fastened in time, and the new wire should be replaced in order to ensure the good contact and safe insulation.


    6.Other parts of the maintenance and maintenance of the power supply to the power of the two inspection; to the power supply, electrical control of the heat dissipation, radiator check, dust, clean, to prevent the impact of heat dissipation. Electrical device of electrical unit for inspection, such as damage and corrosion to timely replacement; check all connectors, such as a bad contact, and the phenomenon of false connection weld to timely repair, such as corrosion and damage to the timely replacement; check the contactors and relays, such as bad contact or contact adhesion, to timely change the main parameters; check capacitor, reactor and resistor element, if abnormal, should be replaced as soon as possible. Automatic feeding system, to check the calibration time. To clean up the scale and dirt on the electric heater to prevent the internal temperature of the electric heater is too high. For each water, gas pipeline system, to conduct a check to see if there is no running, leakage fluid phenomenon, for the run, the phenomenon of leakage liquid pipeline to timely maintenance and replacement.


    7.Long before shutdown maintenance plan long time discussion if the equipment downtime, to the maintenance, so that it does not stop when the erosion of aging, should clean the ground, clean the water on the ground, so as to keep the ground dry, and make the machine, tank, car, hanger to keep clean and dry; all motor is best to use plastic wrap protection; all bearing grease injection, to rust in the pipeline; all drops all put clean; filter bucket drops put clean; remove the filter filter clean; all heater tank must be clean, remove dirt, keep dry.


    Electroplating equipment for PCB production, due to the different production process, used in the equipment of different manufacturers, there will be some differences, therefore, in the maintenance method, there will be some differences, but must be correct and timely maintenance of equipment, must not be due to catch the production schedule, production and neglect of equipment maintenance and maintenance, maintenance only correctly and timely, in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, stable performance, guarantee the quantity and quality of production.



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