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  • Several important technical properties of PCB ink
    Date :2017-4-8

    Viscosity: dynamic viscosity. Viscosity is generally used, that is, the flow of fluid shear stress divided by the velocity gradient in the direction of the flow, the international unit for PA / sec (Pa). S) or milli / sec (mPa). S). In the production of PCB refers to the ink produced by external forces to promote mobility.
    Plasticity: refers to the deformation of the ink by the external force, still maintain its deformation before the nature. The plasticity of ink is beneficial to improve printing precision.

    Thixotropy: when the ink in the static state of the gel, and touched by the viscosity of a change in nature, also known as shake, anti flow hang.

    Fluidity: the extent to which ink is spread to the outside under the action of an external force. Fluidity is the reciprocal of viscosity and fluidity is related to the plasticity and thixotropy of the ink. Plastic and thixotropy of the large, mobility is large; large mobility is easy to expand the imprinting. The mobility of small, easy networking, produce ink phenomenon, also known as the.

    Visco elasticity: refers to the ink scraper scraper, the shear fracture of the rapid rebound of ink performance. Requirements for the rapid deformation of the ink, ink rebound in order to facilitate printing.

    Drying: printing ink on the screen, the slower the better, and hope that the ink transfer to the substrate, the sooner the better.

    Fineness: pigment and solid particle size, PCB ink is generally less than 10 m, the fineness of the size should be less than the opening of the mesh of 1/3.

    Wire drawing: when the ink is used to stir up the ink, the tensile strength of the silk ink is not broken. "Long, a lot of filaments found in oil and some printing surface of the substrate, and a printing plate dirty, even unable to print.

    Ink transparency and hiding power: for PCB ink, according to the use and requirements of the different, the transparency of the ink and cover power also put forward various requirements. In general, the line ink, conductive ink and character ink, are required to have a high hiding power. The flux is more flexible.

    Ink resistance to chemicals: PCB ink according to the purpose of the use of different requirements of the acid, alkali, salt and solvents and other requirements have strict standards.

    The physical properties of the ink: PCB ink must be consistent with resistance to scratch, thermal shock resistance, mechanical peeling, and to achieve a variety of stringent electrical performance requirements.

    The use of ink safety and environmental protection: PCB ink requirements with low toxicity, odorless, safe and environmentally friendly.


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