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  • Reverse osmosis equipment for printed circuit board
    Date :2017-3-23

    The printed circuit board by reverse osmosis equipment is the use of advanced reverse osmosis technology, the technology is poor table powered by pressure filtration membrane separation technology, the research of Aerospace Science and technology originated from the United States in 1960s, after gradually converted to civilian use, has been widely used in scientific research, medicine, food, beverage, desalination and other fields. The reverse osmosis membrane pore size small nanoscale (1 nm =10-9 meters), under a certain pressure, H2O molecules can pass through the RO film, and the water source of inorganic salt and heavy metal ions, organic matter, colloids, bacteria, viruses and other impurities by RO membrane, which can be separated through the water and not through the thick waterfront.


    System configuration of reverse osmosis equipment
    1, the reverse osmosis equipment for the reasons for multi media filters, activated carbon filters, automatic water softener composition.
    Multi media filter: automatic control valve, glass fiber reinforced plastic tank and different grades of quartz sand composition. It can effectively remove the suspended matter and some colloidal substances in the raw water and reduce the turbidity of raw water. And can be automatically backwash.
    Activated carbon filter: it is made up of automatic control valve, high quality glass tank and different water level activated carbon. It can effectively absorb the harmful substances such as heavy metals, free chlorine, chloroform and so on. And can be automatically backwash.
    The utility model relates to a water softener, which is composed of an automatic control valve, a high quality glass steel tank and a resin. The calcium and magnesium ions in water can be effectively removed by the water softener. The reverse osmosis equipment will not affect the service life of the reverse osmosis membrane in the operation. And can automatically regenerate.
    2, reverse osmosis equipment host part
    The main equipment of reverse osmosis water purification equipment is composed of security filter, high pressure pump, reverse osmosis membrane and various control and display instruments.
    Security filter: security filter is the last protection before the raw water enters the membrane.
    High pressure pump: to provide the pressure required for reverse osmosis, solvent and solute separation to provide assurance. High pressure pump is one of the key components of reverse osmosis equipment.
    Reverse osmosis membrane group: reverse osmosis membrane group is composed of highly ordered matrix structure of polymeric fibers.
    The reverse osmosis membrane for holding pressure reverse osmosis membrane element, and produce a high pressure environment for reverse osmosis operation.
    Flow meter: pure water flowmeter and concentrated water meter to measure RO pure water and concentrated water.
    Pressure gauge: measurement of reverse osmosis equipment hydraulic pressure.
    Water control valve: used to adjust the operating pressure of RO equipment, pure water and consistency, pure water production.
    Conductivity meter: monitoring the conductivity of reverse osmosis water.
    Low voltage switch: to prevent the RO high pressure pump idle or work under the limit of low pressure.
    Liquid level controller: according to the water level of the raw water tank and the water tank, the operation of the reverse osmosis equipment can be stopped or started automatically.
    Electrical control system: including conductivity meter and other instrumentation, control equipment, reverse osmosis equipment control center. Reverse osmosis equipment to produce pure water, high pure water need to be based on the industry characteristics of each user, equipment, water requirements, on-site conditions, such as comprehensive design.

    Characteristics of reverse osmosis equipment
    1, reverse osmosis is at room temperature, the use of physical methods without phase change can make water desalination, purification.
    2, the treatment of water depends on the pressure of water as the driving force, its energy consumption in many treatment methods.
    3, do not have a large number of chemicals and acid-base regeneration treatment.
    4, no chemical waste liquid and waste acid and alkali neutralization process, no environmental pollution.
    5, the system is simple, easy to operate, stable product quality, two reverse osmosis can get high quality pure water.
    6, suitable for a large range of raw water quality, not only suitable for brackish water, seawater and sewage treatment, but also suitable for low salt desalination treatment.
    7, equipment covers a small area, the space required is small.
    8, operation and maintenance and equipment maintenance workload.

    Reverse osmosis equipment maintenance
    1, reverse osmosis equipment outage protection
    Because of the fluctuation of production, reverse osmosis equipment must be stopped frequently, and the protective measures must be taken in the short term or long term.
    2, low pressure washing reverse osmosis equipment
    On a regular basis, reverse osmosis equipment wash high flow, low pressure, low pH value to divest of fouling on the membrane surface, maintain membrane performance, or when the reverse osmosis equipment water SDI suddenly increased more than 5.5, should be low pressure flush, SDI value to qualified after the boot.
    3, reverse osmosis membrane chemical cleaning
    Under normal operating conditions, the reverse osmosis membrane may also be inorganic fouling, colloid, microorganism, metal oxides and other pollution, these substances will cause the deposition of water purification equipment, reverse osmosis desalination or output drop rate, the pressure increase on the membrane surface, even to make the reverse osmosis membrane unrecoverable damage. Therefore, in order to restore good waterproof and salt removal performance, the need for chemical cleaning of the membrane.



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