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  • PCB's storage and shelf life
    Date :2017-4-20

    PCB after the final product inspection, vacuum packaging and then wait for shipment. So why is PCB vacuum packed? How to store after vacuum packaging? How long will it last? The following circuit board factory will give you a brief introduction of PCB storage and shelf life.


    PCB why vacuum packaging? This problem is small, but it is a lot of circuit board manufacturers attach great importance to the problem. Because once the PCB seal is not good, the surface of gold, tin and solder pad will be oxidized and affect the welding, is not conducive to production.


    So, how to store PCB? Circuit board is no more than other products, it can not contact with air and water. First of all, PCB vacuum can not be damaged, the need for packing in the box on the side of a layer of bubble film, bubble film of water absorption is better, so that moisture has played a very good role, of course, moisture beads can not be less. Then classify organize and label. After the closure of the box must be separated from the ground in a dry ventilated place, but also to avoid the sun. Warehouse temperature control is the best 3 C in 23 +, 55 + 10%RH, under such conditions, gold, gold, silver, tin spraying surface treatment of PCB can be stored for 6 months, Shen Yin, Shen tin and OSP surface treatment of PCB can be stored for 3 months.


    For a long time not to use the PCB, the circuit board manufacturers in the top brush on a layer of three proofing paint, the role of three proofing paint can be moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti oxidation. Thus, the storage life of PCB will increase to 9 months.


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