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  • High performance copper clad laminate is becoming a trend
    Date :2017-4-4

    With the rapid development of electronic industry, the pollution caused by the waste of electronic products has also been brought. Studies have shown that halogen containing compounds or resins as flame retardants of electrical products (including printed circuit board substrate), in the waste incineration will produce harmful substances.


    At the same time, along with the growth and differentiation of PCB downstream demand, the rapid development of automotive electronics, LED and other fields of copper clad laminate materials put forward special requirements. Halogen free, lead-free, high Tg (glass transition temperature), high frequency, high thermal conductivity, such as the need for high performance copper clad laminate.


    Rapid development of environmentally friendly materials
    With the awakening of people's awareness of environmental protection, environmental protection examination is becoming more and more strict, all countries in the world have introduced the relevant laws or regulations limit on the use of halogen printed board. Since the beginning of 2008, to promote the halogen-free schedule in international companies, the electronics industry requires no halogen is more and more strong, Greenpeace each quarter will launch a new green electronic ranking, SONY, Toshiba, NOKIA, apple and other electronic equipment giant on non halogen plate requirements have become more and more strong. According to Prismark estimates, 2011-2016 halogen free FR4 composite growth rate will reach 21.5%, the development of environmentally friendly materials has become an important job in the current CCL industry.


    With the rapid development of LED, high thermal conductivity copper clad laminate becomes a hot spot
    Small spacing LED has no seam, good display effect, long service life and other advantages, in recent years began to grow quickly, penetration, corresponding to the required high conductivity copper clad laminate has become a hot spot.


    Vehicle PCB is very strict in product quality and reliability, and adopts special performance materials. Automotive electronics is an important downstream application of PCB. We must first meet the characteristics of automotive electronic products must have the car as a means of transportation, climate, temperature, voltage fluctuation, electromagnetic interference, vibration and ability to adapt to the higher requirement of the car and put forward higher requirements for PCB materials, the special properties of materials (such as high Tg materials, CAF (compression resistance asbestos fiber) material, thick copper materials and ceramic materials such as CCL).


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