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  • Classification method and quality index of copper clad laminate
    Date :2017-3-25

    classification method
    1, in accordance with the mechanical rigidity of the copper plate can be divided into rigid copper clad laminate and flexible copper clad laminate.
    2, according to the different insulation materials, the structure can be divided into organic resin copper clad laminate, metal base copper clad laminate, Tao Ciji copper clad laminate.
    3, according to the thickness of the copper plate can be divided into thick plate (plate thickness in the range of 0.8 ~ 3.2mm (including Cu)), thin plate (plate thickness range of less than 0.78mm (excluding Cu)).
    4, according to the CCL reinforced material is divided into glass cloth CCL, paper base copper clad laminate and composite base copper clad laminate (CME-1, CME-2).
    5, according to the classification of flame retardant and non flame retardant flame retardant plate plate: in accordance with the UL standard (UL94, UL746E), division of CCL flame retardant grade, can be divided into four kinds of rigid CCL flame retardant grade: UL-94V0; UL-94V1; UL-94V2 and UL-94HB. Generally speaking, in accordance with the UL standard to achieve flame retardant HB class copper clad laminate, known as non flame retardant board (commonly known as HB board). To meet the requirements of the UL standard vertical combustion combustion requirements of the CCL (flame retardant characteristics of the best rating of UL-94V0 class), known as flame retardant board (commonly known as V0 plate). This "HB board" and "V0 board" popular name, in our paper based on the classification of copper plate, very popular. In the flexible copper clad laminate, due to the difference in the determination of the flame retardant method, so it reached the UL94 requirements of the best flame retardant grade, with the UL94-VTM-0 level (equivalent to the rigid CCL level UL-94V0).
    6, according to some properties of CCL into high Tg plate (Tg = 170 DEG C) and high dielectric property, high plate CTI plate (CTI = 600V) and environment-friendly CCl (free of halogen, antimony), UV shielding type copper clad laminate.

    quality index
    1, copper coated index - peel strength: peel strength is to make the unit width of the copper foil stripping the minimum force required, the unit is kg / cm. This index is used to measure the bonding strength between copper foil and substrate. This index is mainly determined by the properties and manufacturing process of the adhesive.
    2, copper index - warpage: the degree of warpage refers to the length of the unit on the warpage value, measure the copper plate relative to the flatness of the index, depending on the substrate material and thickness.
    3, copper coated index - bending strength: bending strength shows that the copper clad can withstand bending capacity, unit kg / cm.. This indicator is mainly determined by the substrate material. This index should be considered when determining the thickness of the printed circuit board.
    4, the index of copper - solder resistance: solder resistance refers to the time of the molten solder copper clad plate in a certain temperature (usually 10s), can withstand the anti stripping capacity of copper foil. The general requirements of copper foil plate does not bubble, not layered. If the dip is poor, after several printed circuit board welding, welding wire and plate will be off. This index has a great influence on the quality of printed circuit board, mainly depends on the plate and adhesive.
    5, in addition to the above several indicators, the measure of the technical indicators of copper coated surface smoothness, smoothness, pit depth, dielectric properties, surface resistance, resistance to cyanide, etc..



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