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  • Brief introduction of OSP surface treatment process
    Date :2017-4-6

    OSP is Organic Solderability Preservatives, translated as organic solderability preservation film, also called copper protecting agent, simple said OSP is on the surface of cleaning bare copper, chemically grown a layer of organic film, the film has oxidation resistance, thermal shock resistance, moisture resistance, in order to protect the circuit in the copper surface in the normal environment no longer oxidation or sulfide; but in the welding heat in the follow-up, the protective film and the flux must be easily cleared quickly to clean the copper surface exposed in a very short period of time and the molten solder immediately combined into a solid solder joint.


    1, process flow:
    in addition to oil, water washing, micro etching, water washing, acid washing, pure water washing, OSP, pure water washing and drying.


    2, the principle: in the circuit board copper surface to form a layer of organic film, to protect the surface of a solid copper, and at high temperature can also prevent oxidation and pollution. OSP film thickness is generally controlled at 0.2-0.5 microns.


    3, features:
    smooth surface, no IMC is formed between OSP film and circuit board copper pads, allowing welding solder and circuit board copper welding (wettability), processing technology of low temperature, low cost (less than HASL), the processing of less energy use etc.. The utility model can be used on the board with low technical content, and can also be used on the high density chip packaging substrate.


    4, OSP material types:
    Rosin, Resin and azole. The OSP material used in deep circuit is the most widely used azole OSP.


    5, inadequate:
    Visual inspection is difficult, not suitable for reflow (three times);
    OSP membrane surface is easy to scratch
    High storage environment requirements;
    Storage time is short;


    6, storage time and vacuum packaging:
    6 months (temperature 15-35, humidity is less than 60% RH);


    7, SMT site requirements:
    The OSP circuit board should be stored in low temperature and low humidity (temperature 15-35, humidity RH less than 60%) and avoid exposure to acid gas filled in the environment, OSP package 48 hours after start assembling the package;
    After the single side of the proposed 48 hours after the end of the use, and suggested that the use of low temperature cabinet without vacuum preservation;
    SMT completed 24 hours after the completion of the proposed DIP.


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