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  • Brief analysis on automatic planning of printed circuit board factory
    Date :2017-4-12

    In the design of printed circuit board factory automation and intelligent plant, the main purpose is to save labor cost, improve product yield, reduce the work intensity and reasonable arrangements for effective production, to coordinate to each process effectively, the optimal operation of the plant. Secondly, we can control the inventory, reduce the waste in the production process, the loss caused by transshipment.


    Ten years ago, the development of the PCB industry is not today's high speed development, relatively low labor costs, automation equipment and technology still has certain technical barriers, relatively high cost, most factories in the pursuit of short-term interests, mode choice of low labor costs. With the development of automation technology, the increase of labor cost and the decrease of product technology and profit, automation is one of the most effective ways to reduce cost and increase profit.




    First of all, a lot of enterprise decision-makers believe that automation equipment is to replace people, in a certain place instead of artificial, and did not take into account the process of transport and convergence between. For example, processing line above added a very simple receiving machine in electroplating (also considering the equipment price), the receiving board is simple and flat trolley, a grinding plate processing line to increase the automatic loader in front of the circuit board, put a porous plate plate frame is only L, also need to be. Transformed, sometimes often scratch board, stacked too high, often leads to put machine more than two inseparable, greatly reduces the efficiency of automation.


    Second, the current situation of enterprise product structure chain is not suitable for automation equipment. Many of the current capacity of 20 thousand square following customers, most of the product structure are very complex, material specifications, different thickness, different sizes, many of which are small capacity, may at the same time a grinding plate line has some kinds of board may. So in the automation equipment on the requirements put forward a great test. Manual work may be identified, but automation equipment has not yet completely replaced the degree of people. At present, the industry's automatic release plate for different thickness of the plate on the same board operation, can not be stable automatic release board, and the enterprise has brought the automation equipment instability attributed to the device itself.


    Third, many of the early layout of the factory layout unreasonable. There are a lot of companies are so that is the first of all the main equipment position, horizontal line and other equipment set position, and then by room layout, if there is a position on the choice of automation automation equipment on the point, whether the choice of manual operation. In fact, the right should be according to the site, the main equipment choice technology, combined with automation equipment planning, logistics trolley vehicles, separated again in the room, automation equipment to smooth logistics.


    Fourth, the future of the main business of the plant is not sure, the use of equipment caused by the process of equipment changes, but also to the configuration of the automated equipment to bring a lot of instability. Many factories do a preliminary planning products, select process equipment associated with a product, later changed to B products, will be reformed before class a product related equipment, the replacement caused by automation equipment configuration can not reach the original planning effect. For example, the early planning of the inner and outer etching lines separately, but the current short-term energy conservation a common line, leading to the planning of either the outer board or the internal board is no way to achieve universal purpose.


    Fifth, now a lot of equipment manufacturers and enterprises are in the development of 4 industrial equipment, in order to occupy the market rapidly, has reached the purpose of publicity and a lot of First impressions are strongest, but companies are also eager for the factory intelligent transformation, is expected to reach the expected effect. But there are not many successful cases, for many reasons. The stability of the equipment equipment manufacturers and product structure of the enterprise and the rationality of enterprise purchasing of equipment and automation equipment now before the factory ERP cohesion, and modern industrial process equipment communication interface, planning logistics channel, are the main factors in determining the realization of modern intelligent plant.


    However, we can still work in this direction, with the continuous improvement of equipment stability and planning, the realization of the factory behind the intelligence is possible.



    1.Determine the main product technology, reasonable arrangements for the process and automation equipment;

    2.The choice of automation equipment to consider the connection between the process, reduce unnecessary vehicle replacement caused by poor products and labor;

    3.Reasonable design capacity temporary planning, intelligent AGV logistics vehicles to reduce the inconvenience caused;

    4.The use of the current new process equipment to ensure the automation of the more seamless connection;

    5.Internal ERP data and field equipment parameters to achieve a reasonable process coordination;
    6.The process parameters of the product is more effective in the field of communication and implementation;
    7.Combined with pre equipment to re plan the factory to achieve semi-automatic, fully automated;
    8.To increase the understanding of modern intelligent factories and automation equipment manufacturers, according to their own conditions to achieve a truly rational automation planning.


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