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  • Avoid finger marks in the production of PCB
    Date :2017-3-29

    The printed circuit board in the process if not pay attention will be careful not to contact with the circuit board with the fingers, so easy to cause the printed board scrap, because the finger prints are sweat, ingredients are some inorganic salt and fat and so on, can cause paralysis of the circuit board. Let's look at the dangers of finger printing.

    1, bare touch plate in a very short period of time to make the surface of the copper chemical reaction, resulting in copper surface oxidation. After a long period of time after plating, a clear fingerprint, uneven coating, resulting in serious damage to the appearance of the product.

    2, before the welding resistance of the bare hand contact plate will lead to resistance welding, resulting in poor green adhesion, will be in hot air leveling bubble and fall off.

    3, the gold plate in the process of resistance welding until the packaging process, the bare hand touches the plate will lead to the plate surface is not clean and can cause poor weldability, or bad.

    4, printing or printing line of wet film and film before the board with fingerprint of grease, extremely easy to cause the dry / wet film adhesion decreased, resulting in separation of plating and coating in electroplating, gold Banyi caused surface pattern, make the surface oxidation in resistance welding production, color appearance of yin and yang.

    The finger print phenomenon if not prevention, will give the qualified rate of the products caused great damage, hope every PCB industry contact staff to develop good habits, do not use hand and skin direct contact with the circuit board, reduce rework rate, improve their work efficiency.


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