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    Date :2010-8-28


    Aluminum base PCB is made from the circuit layer, thermal insulating layer and metal composition of grass-roots level. Circuit level (copper) are usually formed after etching printed circuit, so that the various components is interconnected, the thickness range generally is 35μm-280μm; Thermal insulating layer is the core technology of Aluminum base PCB, And it is generally made by a special polymerization process material composition, thermal resistance, excellent viscoelastic properties, heat aging has the ability to withstand mechanical and thermal stress, thickness is about 50-200μm. Thermal insulation layerOur of the high-performance Aluminum base PCB produced by our company has a very good thermal conductivity and high strength electrical insulation; we choose it under our customer's requirement on the thermail effects and pressure.For if too thick, it can play the role of insulation and to prevent short circuit with the metal matrix effect, but will affec the heat dispersion ; if too thin, heat dispersion can be good, but it is easy to cause short-circuit between metal core and the component lead. Aluminum sheet metal is the support of grass-roots component, required a high thermal conductivity, normally it is aluminum, copper can also be used (Copper can provide better thermal conductivity), suitable for machining of drilling, punching and cutting and others . Our company already has a very rich experience in design and production, We will tail the board as you expected.


    Aluminum base PCB used:
    1. Audio devices: input, output amplifiers, balanced amplifiers, audio amplifier, preamplifier, power amplifier.etc.
    2. Power Supply: Switching Regulator,DC / AC converter,SW regulator.
    3. Telecommunications electronic equipment: high-frequency electric amplifiers ,Filtering appliance ,Transmitter circuit,etc.
    4. Office automation equipment: Electric motor, drives.etc
    5. Automotive: Electronic regulator, Ignition, Power Controllers.etc
    6. Computer: CPU board ,Floppy drive ,Power Device.etc
    7. Power Modules:Converter, solid-state relay ,Power Rectifier bridges,etc
    8. Lamps Lighting: with the promotion of energy-saving lamps, Aluminum base PCB , used on LED lights ,begin large-scale application.


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